Sustainable Project

The eco JAM Hostel Barcelona aims to contribute to the promotion of responsible tourism in the city of Barcelona.

Here at our ecolodge we believe that the housing sector shoulders a great responsibility, and must participate in and encourage sustainability in the city. A large part of a visitor’s social and environmental impact takes place wherever the visitor is staying, and accommodations can influence the actions of visitors.

On 2020, we have obtained the distinctive Commitment Biosphere 2020 for Sustainable Tourism. It has been 6 years of hapiness and effort for the promotion of socially and environmentally responsible tourism. Now more than ever, we must rethink the sector: there is no alternative, TOURISM IS RESPONSIBLE OR IT IS NOT.

Our eco hostel seeks to make positive strides and contribute to environmental, social, technological, economic, artistic and cultural improvement in the city.

Resource conservation and use of renewable energy

Among others, standout actions include resource-saving measures (water and energy), acoustic and thermal isolation and use of renewal energy.

Proximity consumption, fair trade and ecological

Responsible consumption is also a fundamental aspect of the project, hence the use of products with minimal environmental impact (such as cleaning products and paints). This approach also extends to all the food that JAM offers, taking care to find ecological and locally sourced products, such as the free fair-trade coffee and tea offered all day long. The recommendations JAM makes to visitors follow this philosophy as well.

Reduce, recycle and re-use

We encourage our guests and staff to be mindful of consumption, and to recycle all types of waste, including paper, glass, organic, used oil, and batteries, among other materials. One can see creative examples of reusing and recycling materials in the interior design of the hostel itself.

Social, solidarity and coexistence economy

JAM bets on social, collective and proximity-based economy. The service and product providers that JAM collaborates with are socially responsible local organizations.

When we talk about products, this approach extends to all the food that JAM offers, taking care to find ecological and locally sourced products, such as the free fair-trade coffee and tea offered all day long. Also the recommendations JAM makes to visitors follow this philosophy.

When we talk about services, the concept of collective economy is what inspires us to work, whenever it’s possible, with companies and organizations with whom JAM shares the same concerns: ethical banking, energy cooperatives, job inclusion plans, etc.

We also promote interaction between visitors and locals by organizing artistic and cultural events on our terrace.

Culinary garden, bicycle parking and rooftop yoga

Yoga lessons are offered on the terrace in the morning every day (5€). We also promote healthy mobility and sustainable transportation, providing facilities for those visitors that travel and arrive to the hostel by bicycle. JAM Hostel offers the ability to park the bikes for free, easily and safely. It also offers a set of tools for basic maintenance.

There visitors can also find in our terrace, besides a selection of typical mediterranean plants, a vegetable garden with herbs that they can use for cooking or making drinks, such as mint, basil, rosemary, etc.

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