JAM Hostel Barcelona Parking

Are you coming to Barcelona by Car?

JAM Hostel Barcelona can offer you competitive prices to leave your car secured only few steps from the lodgement.

2 days / 1 night * 35,00€
3 days / 2 nights * 60,00€
4 days / 3 nights **
55,00€ – Special Offer  
5 days / 4 nights ** 65,00€
6 days / 5 nights ** 75,00€
7 days / 6 nights ** 85,00€

* To add an extra day it costs + 35€ (when booking 2 days/1 night & 3 days/2 nights).

** To add an extra day it costs + 20€ (when booking 4 days/3 nights  and on)

Prices from 2019.

Parking conditions:

  • You can take the car out of the parking as many times you need and park it again for the period hired.
  • At the check out date you can leave the car parked until 11:59pm, after this time the parking will charge you.
  • To cancel a night is only permitted when hiring more than 4 nights and you have to inform 24h in advance.

How does it work?

  1. Park the car at the parking located at the 39th Siracusa Street. (check map below)
  2. Take the ticket from the parking with you and handle it to the hostel receptionist when checking in.
  3. Confirm with the receptionist how many nights you want to park the car and pay the according amount.
  4. The receptionist at the JAM Hostel will provide you a parking card ready to use.