Jam Artist

The JAM itself is an example of art and creativity. From its beginning both art and creativity have played major roles: The construction of furniture, using recycled materials or second-hand elements.

Turning the space into temporal exhibitions of local artists. It was inaugurated with the artwork of Clara Nubiola, with her illustrations displayed on “the wall of the artist”, where she explored her personal views on tourism with “Dear and Dear well-come to Barcelona>”.jam-hostel-barcelona-artist7

At the present, at “the wall of the artist” is displayed the work of the illustrator Nuria Toll a very fresh, joyful, relaxing and natural mural.

You can buy her illustrations and postacard at the JAM Hostel.

Nuria Toll is a versatile artist who works with illustration, mural and street art. You can find out more about her work at www.instagram.com/nuriatoll/