A key element of our project is to provide services to local and international organizations. In this sense, we are committed to offer our space with the intention of contributing our experience and knowledge of Barcelona beyond the tourism centered on consumerism.

There are now many people that say that JAM is “an inspiring space”. That is the reason we have opened our doors to environmental, social and cultural organizations (either for lodging accommodations or for use of our common areas). We provide the space for them to develop or participate in all types of activities: workshops, study and/or work internships, festivals, congresses, etc. In order to maximize these services, we offer discounts to the participants or close the hostel so that they can have exclusive use of the facilities.

Which ones have lodged at JAM Hostel?

During the past year and a half, different groups and organizations have chosen JAM not only to plan and develop their activities in the hostel, but also as a “home away from home” during their stay in Barcelona. The first group arrived from Greece on 2014; they were participating in the Solidarity-Based Economy Fair of Catalonia (FESC).

In 2015, we had different collectives who made use of our accommodations: the NGO Nexes chose JAM as the center stage for the European project: “Social Inclusion Out of the Box”. In this project, 11 organizations from 11 countries used our facilities to conduct workshops and lodging. The Col·legi d’Ambientòlegs de Catalunya organized their Professional and Academic Environmental Sciences Meetings (JAPCAS), also using our accommodations to conduct workshops and as a place to stay. Other events such as the 3rd edition of the Green Drinks (an environmental event) also took place at JAM. The NGO’s: Servei Civil Internacional (international voluntary services), Ripess-Global (connection of social and solidarity economy) or Digg’Out, Stuudio JOY and Egészeségdokk (social integration), also chose JAM as the place to stay and carry out their activities. During this time, other groups such as European schools, orchestras and musical groups have also stayed at JAM.

It is important for us to become a reference point for social, environmental and cultural organizations. We want to be known as a place where these collectives can develop and carry out activities in which creativity, development of knowledge and the exchange of experiences have a significant role!


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