About us

The key motivations in the origins of JAM Hostel Barcelona come from a love of traveling, a will to show the city from another perspective and the need to promote a responsible lifestyle.

Green and social, as many say, doesn’t necessarily mean dull or boring. JAM Hostel Barcelona more than proves that by applying professional levels of responsibility and sustainability, it is possible to have an innovative and charming hostel.

 Why promote sustainable urban tourism?

Sustainable tourism should not just take place in natural areas, which is the norm. Cities also need to be taken care of and protected, and the urban areas, where the majority of the population concentrates, should promote full sustainability in the services they offer to the citizens.

However, this is unusual in Barcelona. Although some new accommodations have certain elements of environmental management, most only focus on the technological aspects of things. That means that they don’t promote complete sustainability through their general operations.

The responsibilities of an urban hostel go beyond the ecological; they must also respond to social concerns.


Lucia Demajo Meseguer – Degree in Environmental Sciences and Master of Environmental Management (Universitat de Barcelona 2010-2012).

Damià Rubio Petrus – Bachelor of Business Administration and Environmental Management Postgraduate (Universitat de Barcelona 2011-2012).


Ana Cankar – Architect and Interior Design / www.anacankar.com

Paula Torres Mansió – Graphic Design (Jam Hostel Logo, Business Card, Map, Photos) / Linkedin Profile

Jaime Galán – Reception table from pallet / Re-belIT

Joan Giménez – Music Video Presentation / www.joanlargo.com

Neus Lleonart – Director Video Presentation

Clara Nubiola – Illustrations / www.cargocollective.com/claranubiola


Dervis Yanet Cuevas Dotel

Jesús Marín Fernández

Raquel Marisa Carlota Semedo

Salomé Fernández Jiménez

Lídia Arranz Arévalo

David Hernández Pérez



Special thanks and lots of gratitude to the family and friends that have been key to making this dream project come true!  Miriam, Andreu, Maxime, Estrella, Paula, Alba, Miki, Mar, Thibaud, Anna, Marta, Dervis, Alfons, Clara, Virginia, Núria, Òscar, Martí, Oriol, Arlen ,Arancha, Endika , Luiscar,  Jesús, Isaac, Isa, etc.