Eco & Social

JAM bets on social, collective and proximity-based economy. The service and product providers that JAM collaborates with are socially responsible local organizations.

When we talk about products, this approach extends to all the food that JAM offers, taking care to find ecological and locally sourced products, such as the free fair-trade coffee and tea offered all day long. Also the recommendations JAM makes to visitors follow this philosophy.

When we talk about services, the concept of collective economy is what inspires us to work, whenever it’s possible, with companies and organizations with whom JAM shares the same concerns: ethical banking, energy cooperatives, job inclusion plans, etc.

Ethical Banking
Cooperative Ethical Insurances
Ethical Insurances
acidH social integration
Social Cooperative – Laundry Service
Social Cooperative - Maintenance Service

Social Cooperative – Maintenance Service

Solidary Economy Network
Social Economy Network
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Cooperative
Ethical Consumption Cooperative

Ethical Consumption Cooperative

Ecological Taxi BCN

Ecological Taxi BCN